Chaplaincy Program




Our Chaplain:  Introducing Shaye Willmans

As a school, we applied for and were successful in obtaining a grant via the State Funded Chaplaincy program until the end of 2022.  This funding allows the school to fund a chaplain (Shaye Willmans) two days per week. The program is funded via 50% State Government and 50% Commonwealth funding.   The service provider the Department of Education has an agreement with for our Chaplaincy Program is YouthCARE.


We are very lucky to have Shaye who runs a number of initiatives and activities that complement our mental health and well-being programs including Harmony Hub, Chaplain Chats, R U OK Day, Harmony Day, and transition to high school. In Semester Two 2022,  Shaye will be working three days a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to support our students, staff and families.


Harmony Hub

Every Wednesday, Shaye opens the library for our Year 3-6 students. During Harmony Hub the students can participate in a variety of activities including playing games, Lego, drawing, colouring-in, chats with the chaplain, reading, origami, paper plane making and much much more.


Please click here to see the chaplaincy brochure