Medical Information

Management and Emergency Response Plan

A Management and Emergency Response Plan provides your child’s school with information they need to respond to specific medical needs. The plan outlines:


  • a daily management plan
  • an emergency response plan
  • staff training requirements
  • medication instructions such as dosage, storage and when it needs to be taken
  • your authority to act

Management and Emergency Response Plans may need to have a signature from your child’s medical practitioner.

It is important to ensure the plan is in place as soon as possible. You should also review the plan each year or as your child’s needs change.

Types of plans

Management and Emergency Response Plans are available to download below:



Medication and equipment

If your child needs to be given medication during school hours, you need to provide:


  • medication that is labelled with your child’s name, in its original packaging and is within expiry
  • written authorisation for the school to administer the medication using a standard form from the school

This applies to medication for long-term and short-term use.


If your child needs medical equipment at school, it is important to ensure you supply the equipment in good working order.

It is important that you maintain communication with the school, and advise us of any changes or concerns you may have.